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Hair strands are looped through a tiny rings, the rings are then closed shut to secure the extension in place with no heat or adhesive used





Micro ring hair extensions, also known as micro bead hair extensions, are a type of semi-permanent hair extension that uses small, undetectable metal rings to attach each extension strand to your natural hair. Micro ring hair extensions are a popular and innovative method to add length, volume, and thickness to your hair without using any damaging heat, glue, or chemicals. They are widely favoured as the most popular method of hair extensions due to their safety and longevity, making them a cost-efficient choice in the long run.


Having hair that looks and feels like your own is so important and here are some other great benefits:

* Non- damaging to your natural hair
* No harsh chemicals or tools required
* High- quality, ethically sources human hair
* Micro rings, with high quality human hair will last 3/4 months before needing to be refitted due to hair growth
* Hair can be refitted 2- 3 times and therefor last around a year
* Can achieve a range of lengths and thickness
* A seamless and undetectable blend with your own hair


Prices will be bespoke and given after a thorough consultation.

Full Head Application
Fitting only- hair sold separately

FromAED 1,800

Micro Ring Refit
From AED 1,800

Extension Removal
From AED 250


We offer a variety of options to ensure that your extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

We are able to provide micro rings in all different colours & sizes. the size will depend upon the thickness and length of your natural hair. getting this right is critical to the longevity of your extensions.

This will all be confirmed with you before your appointment in your free consultation



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  1. The stylist will carefully section your natural hair and pass it through a small silicone-lined micro ring. They will then attach the hair extension weft to the micro ring and use pliers to securely clamp the ring shut, ensuring the extension stays in place. This meticulous process is repeated until all the extensions have been properly attached.
  2. Once the extensions are securely attached with the micro ring method, our stylist will skill fully blend and cut your hair to ensure a seamless integration with your natural hair. Our goal is to create a hairstyle that looks and feels like your own, but with added length and volume. Additionally, our stylist may provide styling tips and advice to help you maintain your new hairstyle at home.

The duration of the entire process generally ranges from two to four hours, varying based on factors such as the quantity of hair extensions being applied and the intricacy of your natural hair texture.


Brush your extensions daily: use a soft-bristled brush to gently brush your extensions, starting from the ends and working your way up. avoid brushing too close to the roots, as this can pull on the tapes and cause them to slip.

Wash your hair properly: use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. avoid using hot water, as this can weaken the rings and cause them to loosen. gently massage the shampoo into your scalp, and avoid rubbing your extensions together.

Dry your hair carefully: gently pat your hair with a soft towel to remove excess water, and avoid rubbing or twisting your extensions. use a low-heat setting on your hairdryer and avoid blowing hot air directly onto the rings

Will the damage my natural hair

When micro ring hair extensions are correctly applied and cared for, they will not cause damage to your natural hair. It is crucial to adhere to proper aftercare guidelines to prevent tangling, breakage, or slippage. Regular maintenance appointments with us are also essential to ensure that the extensions are well-maintained and removed correctly when necessary.

Can I colour my hair with extensions

Yes, you can! Micro ring hair extensions can be coloured to your desired shade. We strongly advise having a professional stylist handle the colouring process while the extensions are in place. This ensures that the color is applied evenly and prevents any damage to the extensions.

How often should my extensions be maintained

The recommended timeframe for maintaining your micro ring hair extensions is typically every 6-8 weeks, taking into account the rate of your hair growth. During these maintenance appointments, your stylist will carefully examine the bonds to identify any loose or damaged ones. They will then proceed to replace or tighten them accordingly.

Can I swim/ work out in my extensions?

Yes, you can! Micro-ring hair extensions are durable and can withstand daily activities such as swimming and working out. However, it's important to rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming and avoid tying your hair up too tightly during workouts to prevent tangling and damage

Will they be visible

No, the micro rings used for hair extensions are very small and are designed to be discreet. They are also available in a variety of colors to match your natural hair, so they blend in seamlessly.

Can I use heat styling tools

Yes, you can! Micro ring hair extensions can be styled with heat tools such as straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers. However, it's important to use a heat protectant spray and avoid applying heat directly to the micro rings to prevent damage.

How long should they last

Micro ring hair extensions can typically be worn for 3-4 months before they need to be removed and replaced. However, please note that this timeframe may vary depending on your individual hair growth rate.

Can I put my hair up

Yes, you can still put your hair up with micro ring hair extensions. However, we recommend using soft hair ties or clips to avoid pulling on the extensions and causing damage.


Micro ring hair extensions are a great option for anyone looking to add length, volume, or thickness to their hair. We recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our experienced stylists to discuss your hair goals and determine if micro ring hair extensions are the right choice for you.